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Partners That Heal teams are trained in 250+ proven improvisation intervention techniques

Partners That Heal fundamentally believes improvisation is a universal tool that should be used to support those who are at their most vulnerable. Partners That Heal has developed 250+ proven improvisation interventions that improve communication and rapport between individuals and their caregivers. Partners That Heal techniques can also help strengthen care staff resiliency. Partners That Heal is exclusive programming, developed by The Phoenix Theatre Company through more than a decade of direct service to more than 70,000 patients.

Hospital Partnerships

Partners That Heal is proprietary programming based on a decade of data and outcomes in hospital and trauma situations and is unduplicated in the United States.

Training + Courses

The Badge Buddy Training Program helps caregivers improve communication and build patient rapport by using improvisation intervention techniques to break the ice and build connections.

Work in the Community

Learn about the impact of Partners That Heal and the decade long relationships they've established with community champions across the country.
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Sally Jo pretends to stir a drink for a child in the hospital

Being a Partner: What it means to me

This is my twelfth year as a member of Partners That Heal; twelve years made up of hundreds of thousands of moments spent with children and their families. Some of my favorite moments are the times we’ve walked into a room having been told that a child is depressed or has a flat affect due to a recent diagnosis, loss, or procedure, and by the time we leave their room, they are smiling and laughing. Our main goal, however, is not necessarily to make them smile or laugh (though that happens most every time), it is to engage their imagination and remind them how to be a kid again.

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Current Hospital Partnerships

Phoenix Childrens Hospital, Children's Hospital Colorado, Valleywise Health, Banner Desert Medical Center|Banner Children's, Banner Children's Thunderbird, Ryan House